We covered the forearms, lats and rotator cuff in separate posts. In this post we will be discussing the 3 main muscles that attach to the humerus; deltoids, biceps and triceps.

The Deltoids primary movement is to raise the arm. Mid Deltoid controls most of our lateral raise movement, anterior deltoid rotates the shoulder inward and assists pectoralis major when pushing. Rear deltoid assists lat when pulling.

If you are experiencing shoulder pain, feel inhibited when raising your arm deltoids may be your culprit.

People who participate in certain activities may need their deltoids released more regularly. Such as, cycling, crossfit, body building, power lifting, rowing, desk jobs, construction, etc.

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Your biceps can cause shoulder and/or elbow pain. These muscles are inlvoved in bending and twisting the arm as well as stabilizing the shoulder. If the pain or discomfort is exacerbated in the elbow or shoulder while performing any type of bicep curl. You may need to treat your biceps.

Bicep and Brachioradialis
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Triceps extend the arm at the elbow. They also contribute to posterior shoulder and elbow pain. If you have pain while practicing dips, push-ups or pull downs, your triceps may need to be treated.

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Teres Deltoid Tricep
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